ARMOR WRAP® SCRIM VCI PAPER — Industrial-Sized Strength for Industrial-Sized Metal Parts


ARMOR WRAP® SCRIM VCI paper is manufactured for industrial-sized strength to protect industrial-sized metal parts.  Not only does it prevent rust, it stands up to the heavy demands of large metal pieces, bulky metal cargo, bar stock and/or their sharp edges or corners.

It is the coating of fiberglass scrim webbing that gives ARMOR WRAP SCRIM its rip-stop durability.  With scrim reinforcement, VCI paper resists tears, cuts, or holes, and if paper is punctured, the scrim coating stops it from splintering or progressing. In addition, ARMOR WRAP SCRIM VCI paper is also coated with low-density polyethylene which serves as a barrier to protect metal from moisture, dirt and debris.

A third and final coating of ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ is applied to the other side of SCRIM VCI paper, rounding out its status as a rust prevention triple-threat.  ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology is our secret formula for vapor corrosion inhibitor.  When metal/metal parts are wrapped or enclosed in SCRIM VCI paper, VCI vapors are released and they form an ultra-thin layer of protection on the surface of metal that repels rust.

ARMOR WRAP SCRIM VCI paper is designed to be strong and heavy-duty while still remaining light weight, flexible and easy-to-use. It is ideal for metal/metal parts in storage, transport or export and when used properly, ARMOR SCRIM VCI paper can keep ferrous and non-ferrous metals rust-free for up to 3 years.

If you have metal sheets, coils, bar stock, pieces and/or parts that need protection from rust and corrosion, put some “scrim” in the game – ARMOR WRAP SCRIM VCI paper that is.

For additional information on ARMOR WRAP SCRIM VCI paper or to request a sample, visit the ARMOR website or contact your ARMOR sales representative.

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