Global Reach

The strength of the ARMOR name and the ARMOR brand comes from a unified approach to marketing — one that is consistent across the globe.  Whether customers are learning about ARMOR products in the U.S. or in India, Brazil or China, the ARMOR name, the ARMOR brand and its key message of clean, safe and easy rust prevention/rust removal is always the same. The responsibility of implementing and maintaining what ARMOR refers to as “harmonized marketing” is one that falls to each ARMOR global partner and in this short summary you will see that they are “killing it!”


ARMOR POLAND participated in the Third International Technical Cleanliness Forum & Expo this past May in Opole, Poland.  The two-day event is devoted to the field of production and assembly processes requiring technical cleanliness.  The ARMOR POLAND team was happy to report that they were only company at the event offering VCI and they had many opportunities to talk and educate potential customers on the benefits of ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology.



Representatives from ARMOR AUSTRALIA were joined by Fernando Longinotti, ARMOR International Sales Manager, to exhibit for the first time at the Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) Melbourne held in May.  AMW is an event that offers companies like ARMOR AUSTRALIA the opportunity to present their products and services to nearly 16,000 attendees.  Fellow exhibitors, as well as visitors of the ARMOR booth, were blown away by its design and décor and the team met with many contacts who expressed interest learning more about ARMOR VCI rust prevention products.


ARMOR THAILAND recently attended the 2023 Automotive Manufacturing Expo in Bangkok – a four-day expo touted to be the most significant trade fair in Asia for machinery and technologies in automotive parts and components production.  Exhibitors like Wealthy Shine, ARMOR’s international partner in Thailand, had the opportunity to meet with target customers from the more than 50,000 in attendance to talk about ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology and ARMOR rust prevention products.


Not to be outdone by the many inspiring trade event showings, Armor Protective Packaging Malaysia launched its new YouTube Channel with the debut of a new, educational video titled “Why You Should STOP Using Rust Preventative Oil in This Modern Era (5 Reasons).”  You won’t want to miss it, the video is amazing – it is short, succinct, informational and it includes links to resources cited in the video.  A standing ovation to the ARMOR MALAYSIA team.