Armor Update

ARMOR Increases Its Ability to Produce ARMOR WRAP with the Addition of a New Paper Coater

ARMOR New Coater Full Line

In 2015, ARMOR made the decision to expand its VCI paper coating capabilities and install the company’s second paper coating line at its global headquarters in Howell, Michigan. Customer demand for ARMOR WRAP® products was the impetus for the decision.

“Until now, the ARMOR Canada facility has exclusively handled our VCI paper coating without issue.  But, with the increasing demand for ARMOR WRAP®, combined with ARMOR’s commitment to ‘delight our customers,’ the decision to add a second coating line was a no-brainer,” said Robin McConnell, President of ARMOR.

What is the bottom line to ARMOR customers?  The addition of a second paper coating line has increased ARMOR’s ability to produce its VCI-coated paper by 76%!  That means shorter lead times, quicker order turn around, and an increase in ARMOR’s onsite stock inventory should you need it.

“As you would expect, the new coating line offers technology enhancements and capabilities that allow for a greater output. But also important is having two coating lines protects us, and more importantly our customers, should there be an unexpected mechanical issue—each coating line serves as a ‘back up’ to the other,” McConnell said.

ARMOR’s new paper coating line processes large rolls of Kraft paper (approximately 9500 yards long and 30-to-60 inches wide); coats them with ARMOR’s VCI formula—while adhering to very tight tolerances for coating weights and percent moisture; and does so at a speed of 600 feet per minute.

There is an old saying that “faster isn’t always better,” but when it comes to our new paper coater we at ARMOR say “oh yes it is!”

Curious about the Process?  Read on:

ARMOR New Coater Crew
ARMOR New Coater with International Partners

Making the decision to install the coating line was one thing, but installing the equipment was no easy feat!  During the summer of 2016, seven different components of the coating line were delivered and set in place.  From there, an electrician spent close to two months working to set up each of the components – ensuring they had electrical power and that they were properly interfaced with the coating line’s main terminal.  The final icing on the cake was an additional six weeks of programming which led to the end result: a paper coating line that prints, coats and dries paper by the touch of just a couple of buttons!

The Step-by-Step of the Paper-Coating Line:

  • Roll of paper is loaded on unwind stand and threaded through each component
  • Paper feeds through the printer — ARMOR logo is applied
  • Printed paper moves over two separate coating rollers that apply the ARMOR  VCI liquid to both sides of the paper
  • Once paper is coated, it advances to a floatation dryer that allows us to dry the paper to a very specific percent moisture range
  • Paper is cooled on large, chilled rollers
  • Finally, coated paper is wound on to a core and ready to ship.