ARMOR USA is Putting the Wrap on your WRAP!

The ARMOR plant in Howell, Michigan, is the proud owner of a new Impulse L-Bar Sealer with Magna-Lock & Take-Away Product Conveyor and Industrial Fan Tunnel.  Whew – that is the long and technical name for our new shrink wrap machine and at ARMOR, we see this as a game changer in delivering our very best in both product and service to our customers.

You can’t argue with “un-science,” and at ARMOR we conducted our very own side-by-side comparison that we call the ARMOR WRAP® Drop Test.  Using a stack of 1000 sheets of 12 x 12 ARMOR WRAP, we compared the results of Paper Wrapped vs. Shrink Wrapped when dropped from a whopping 68 inches.  Check out our video and see for yourself how shrink wrap scored the knockout over paper wrap, hands down!

Let it be known, from here forward, that thanks to our new heat-sealing, shrink-wrapping  mechanical wizardry, ARMOR shrink wraps stacks of ARMOR WRAP® (say that 5 times fast, we dare you!) to bring you clean, protected and condensed packaging that is ideal for shipping or storage.