Highlights, Insights and Sound Bites from ARMOR


Out with the old and in with the new, and by “new” I am referring to the new look of several of ARMOR’s longstanding and most popular rust-prevention products including the entire line of ARMOR POLY® VCI Film, ARMOR Desiccant and ARMOR VCI Foam Emitter Pads.

We recently gave our line of ARMOR POLY® VCI Film a “face-lift.”  We updated the design of our print plates to give each VCI film a bigger, bolder look and to spotlight four, key pieces of information that are important to ARMOR POLY customers/users:

  • Highlight the brand name of each innovative ARMOR product
  • The presence of ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ to prevent rust
  • The plastic resin identification code, which identifies the type of plastic the film is made of and how it should be recycled
  • The film’s recycled content

These changes are purely cosmetic—the rust-preventing performance of ARMOR POLY VCI Film is as strong and effective as it has always been, and this will be a “rolling change” -we will phase in the new packaging as supplies of the old run out.

Image of ARMOR Desiccant

ARMOR is also adding its name and logo to many of its desiccant products.  This move to ARMOR-branded desiccant is also a “rolling change”.  As the transition progresses, customers may receive orders of desiccant with or without the ARMOR name and logo on them (or a combination of both).  All changes to ARMOR desiccant are limited to the outer packaging — the desiccant on the inside will remain unchanged.

Image of New Look Dark Gray Foam

I am rounding out this recap of ARMOR product “makeovers” with an update on two changes in the appearance of ARMOR VCI Foam Emitter Pads.  Due to supplier availability, the shade of gray of our VCI foam pad has darkened.  In response to this new, darker shade of gray foam pad, we changed the color of the ARMOR logo printed on the pad from black to white to make it easier to see.  Again, these changes are cosmetic and do not compromise the effectiveness of ARMOR VCI Foam Emitter Pad to protect metal parts from corrosion.

Image of ARMOR employees

Speaking of new, but with a completely different slant, ARMOR added a new award to its collection.  We were thrilled to learn that ARMOR was named to the Crain’s Detroit Business Best Places to Work in Michigan list for the sixth time!  The award was formerly called Cool Places to Work in Michigan but more than the name, what makes it so special is that winners are chosen, in part, from the input of employees.  ARMOR employees receive an online survey that allows them to provide anonymous honest feedback on a range of topics including company culture, leadership and their personal observations and experiences in working for ARMOR.

I am speaking from the heart when I say that it never gets old to receive a recognition like the Best Places to Work in Michigan because it validates that ARMOR is a place where people want to come to work, where they feel supported in their job and where they can be themselves. I will celebrate that year-after-year-after-year because that makes for a great team and a great workplace.

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