The Positive Payoffs of Recycling Plastic Film with NexTrex

NexTrex Logo and ARMOR POLY bags

The Trex Company is known for its wood-alternative, composite decking that is comprised of 95% recycled material.  But did you know that Trex has a recycling program designed to partner with companies that produce a large amount of unwanted plastic film to both recycle the film while also providing compensation for it?

The NexTrex® Commercial Recycling Program works with supplier partners from across the country to collect post-consumer, commercial and industrial plastic film via public and warehouse collection sites.  The collected plastic film is baled and shipped to Trex manufacturing facilities for use in the manufacture of Trex composite decking and outdoor living products. Participating NexTrex partners receive a rebate for baled, recyclable film.

ARMOR received confirmation from the Trex Recycling Program that the ARMOR POLY® VCI Film formulations provided below are fully accepted in the Trex recycling stream with two exceptions:

1. Any ARMOR POLY VCI Film that has been used for outdoor storage would not be accepted because of its dirt/moisture content.

2. Any ARMOR POLY VCI Film used in conjunction with metal parts that have been sprayed with Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray would not be accepted – because Dry Coat is water-based it has the potential to introduce moisture to the VCI film or bag.

  • ARMOR Shrink Wrap

Trex depends on recyclable plastic to make its products, and they are willing to pay for unwanted or used plastic film, including the ARMOR POLY VCI Films listed here.

What Trex is Looking For:

The NexTrex Recycling Program is looking for polyethylene film in the form of poly bags, stretch film, shrink wrap and pallet wrap.  In addition, they ask that their supplier partners make a “good faith” effort to reduce any contaminants in their donation of poly film products, such as:

  • Moisture
  • Hard plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Strapping, twine, or tape
  • Rubber bands
  • PCDV Films (Saran) or PVC (meat wrap)
  • Oil/grease
  • Metal
  • Trash or loose paper
  • Hazardous materials or medical waste

The NexTrex Commercial Recycling Program is good for the environment and for companies that produce a large amount of unwanted plastic film, it can be good for their bottom line too. For questions or to request more information on NexTrex Commercial Recycling Partnerships, contact Trex via email or call (540) 542-6930.