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ARMOR INDIA’s Balaji Inspired with his Vision, Commitment, Determination

Last fall, ARMOR was saddened with the news that the owner and President of Armor Protective Packaging India Balaji Krishnaswamy had passed away. Balaji, who joined as an ARMOR international partner in 2012, was known for his determination, persistence and his ability to inspire others both professionally and personally.

Balaji was a mechanical engineer who worked for Exxon Mobil for more than 10 years before striking out on his own and establishing his distribution company Adduco. He learned of ARMOR while calling on a customer. During an onsite visit, Balaji was shown rust-free parts wrapped in ARMOR WRAP paper. The ARMOR product, and its results, moved him to contact ARMOR which led to the partnership. Balaji spoke freely of his great pride in representing an American company in his home country of India.

Balaji was highly respected for his drive and salesmanship, which he delivered with a positive demeanor and good nature. During his 4 years as president of ARMOR INDIA, he worked relentlessly and made many inroads with his large accounts in changing their resistance to the concept of dry packaging methods for rust prevention. As a visionary, Balaji established a support team that would allow his legacy and Armor Protective Packaging India to continue to operate and expand.

“What sticks with me is that despite thousands of miles, cultural and religious differences, and a host of other differences between countries such as India and the USA, the human spirit and our connections to one another are the same the world over.  I know that Balaji left an imprint on myself, our team and those who worked with him.  He bravely fought mouth and throat cancer with courage and strength.  I remember many an email from Balaji that left me feeling like he had done a favor for me or picked up my spirits, even when it was him who was suffering.  His courage in battling cancer often reminded me of our founder John Holden and his courage and strong will despite his accident. Balaji, like John, helped to make their trials and struggles lessons for all of us in how to live life to the fullest and not let anything bring you down.  Plain and simple – they inspire us,” said David Yancho, Vice President and co-owner, Armor Protective Packaging.

“Ironically, Balaji ultimately died of a heart attack. It would seem logical that the prolonged cancer treatments took a toll on his body. I think perhaps more aptly, his heart, worn down from his strong will, courage and enthusiasm, simply gave out from being too big. He is sorely missed.” While Balaji’s physical presence will be greatly missed, his work to increase ARMOR’s presence in India will continue and it will serve as a testament to Balaji’s entrepreneurial spirit.